Early Detection of Skin Cancer

Full Body Screening

Vertical and Horizontal Maneuvering System

Moving Light Line

Laser Distance Measurement for 3D Model

Machine Learning AI Software

The Need

Preventive Screening

Skin diseases

Skin diseases

  •  The 4th most common cause of non-fatal disease burden worldwide
  • The risk of developing skin diseases – particularly cancer – increases significantly with age


skin cancer detection

For skin cancer, early detection is vital:

  • 80% of dermatologists manually perform a full-body screening of their patients
  • 56% of melanomas detected in private clinics were found by a manual body scan initiated by the dermatologist

Malignant melanoma:


Malignant melanoma

Importance of


But there aren’t enough dermatologists
(use case: the US) …

The ACS recommends annual skin screening for people over 40

  • The US population over 40 is 156 million
  • There is a severe shortage of dermatologists (there are only 15,000 dermatologists in the US)
  • The examination process is time consuming (takes over 30 minutes)

The result



of US population have accessibility to preventive skin screening

The dermatology sector will evolve, it’s just a matter of time…  and technology

Our Solution

Marpé  Technologies’ vision:

Evolving dermatology with 21st Century technology

Tech-Aided Dermatology (TAD) system that will:


  • Set a new Gold Standard in dermatology
  • Eliminate the overload on dermatologists
  • Bring full body Remote Diagnosis & Prevention into dermatology

The new patient journey in tech-aided dermatology


AI Analysis for Dermoscopy is the Edge

  • The new patient journey in TAD is based on the system’s ability to identify suspicious nevus / moles
  • This is the competitive edge that enables remote diagnosis in dermatology
  • Marpé  Technologies offers the first viable solution: early tests indicate >98% positive identification for 1,000 scanned patients!

Dermoscopy not required

TBP analyzed;
software directs the technician to suspicious nevus/moles for dermoscopy

Dermoscopy required

The Product

The System

  • Marpé Technologies’ system is unmatched by any solution in the market
  • Single image per body side – no stitching required
  • Image size up to 600 MB
  • Very high spatial and color resolution via German-made tri-linear sensors (RGB) line camera and built-in lighting
  • Life-like navigation system operated by a technician
  • Remote guidance via CAD software


Full body scan under 10 minutes

Marpe System

The Software

  • A state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Decision (CAD) solution
  • Detection of suspicious skin lesions requiring dermoscopy (nevus/moles) = over 95%
  • AI-based prediction based on sequential comparison of suspicious moles
  • High-end workstation and user-friendly interface for fast & precise diagnosis



A Breakthrough Software in AI

Marpé  Technologies collaborates with the Israeli Institute of Technology – the Technion

The purpose: determining the software accuracy and precision in automatic detection of nevus/moles under visible light

The goal: beating 95% accuracy in detection of nevus/moles

The final accuracy of the network is 99.8% and its precision is 92.7% = overall detection rate of >95%




The Team

Tovi Bachar

Tovi Bachar

CEO, B.Sc. Degree and M.Sc.

Over 30 years of experienced manager, Managing Director of GE Healthcare Israel.

Dr. Yaakov Navon

Dr. Yaakov Navon

Founder & CTO

Ph.D., Image processing and computer vision expert with over 30 years of experience including 17 years at the IBM Research Lab in Haifa.
Dr Gila Isman Nelkenabum

Dr Gila Isman Nelkenabum


MD, dermatologist, expert in melanoma in the early detection skin cancer clinic at Tel Aviv Medical Center.
Anat Kaphan

Anat Kaphan

Board Member (BD)

MBA, extensive experience in marketing, product development and business development in science-based companies
Avichai Landau

Avichai Landau

Chief Engineer

B.Sc. Computer Science, large experience in software and hardware systems, main leader in the development of Marpé system
Maya Yeheskel

Maya Yeheskel


Maya has over 10 years of experience in financial management and economics, extensive experience in working with the Israeli Innovation Authority incubators.

Dr Susan Alpert

Dr Susan Alpert


Ph.D., M.D, Dr. Alpert serves on the Executive Committee of the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative, one of the public/private partnerships working with FDA to streamline the development of medical products.


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Email: info@marpetech.com

Phone: +972-54-7299300